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Wakanda NOW!

Hopefully by now you’ve seen "Black Panther". I mean, it is and will be one of the highest grossing movies this year and it’s only March! *Spoiler alert* I will try not to spill too much. The movie was beautiful from beginning to end. It wasn’t quite as action filled as I hoped but the storyline and imagery was bar none. I noticed the fact, as I’m sure you have too, that it brought a lot of people together. Not just people of color, which is evident in the grossing sells, but people from all walks of life. From the astronomical box office numbers we can conclude, essentially, the world loves black people and the idea of our very existence. Even though they may not know how to properly express it at times. All in all, Black Panther was good not only for the culture but for the world.

One of the lessons I believe we've missed in this perfect advanced, euphoric, melanated ran society is the key problem came from within it's own community. Flesh and blood, to be exact. The only way, any person(s) or “colonizers”, (hate that word, by the way) from the outside of this all black system, could even penetrate this hidden world was from a direct relative of the community of Wakanda. Basically, the only way this seemingly perfect system could be infiltrated was, like everything, from the inside. Not the other way around. Hmm? This is a very important & rather interesting message on a much larger scale. 

“The more things change, the more they stay the same." If we go back in history to learn the origins of slavery, we’ll find that African leaders actually sold their own into slavery. (Feel free to fact check me on that.) Sounds like a terrible case of betrayal or maybe it was just extreme means of survival. Who truly knows? But, No matter the reasoning, the domino effect from the results of that decision has played a tremendous part in shaping the mindset and culture among people of color around the world, most notably the United States. 

Now I’m not trying to erase the hideous things that were done physically, mentally, and most importantly, systematically to people of color, nor am I trying to shift the blame to the African leaders but, I am trying to evoke a different way of thinking. If, as a black person, I strongly feel there must be apologies, reparations, and retributions, etc from our government, we must also require that same standard from those African leaders that sold their own people into slavery. Because without them making that option available, the course of history for people of color would be completely altered.

When we look at the grand spectrum, here’s what we’ll find. Once we remove the blame from the "white man” and even the misguided African leaders, we’ll clearly see that the biggest enemy is, indeed, ourselves. Not just as a whole but, also individually. Nothing holds us back more than our way of thinking. Whatever a man thinks, over time, he inevitably becomes. If you believe you’ll never be happy or successful because of anything outside of YOURSELF, you are absolutely right. You spoke it and it shall come to pass. If negativity is what you believe and put out, why would the Universe give you anything different? Your life, good or bad, is the sum of all things you think, believe, do and even eat. You are the SOURCE off all things concerning you. Whatever you choose to connect to WILL bring forth life or death. The choice is always yours to make.

If we don’t learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. Hence, our current state of people as a whole. Look around, what do you honestly see outside YOUR front door? YOUR neighborhood? YOUR every day life? Not what the media shows you through altered lenses but the TRUTH? What role do you play in the uplifting or destruction of one’s self? This physical world and life, in general, may throw curve balls but it is your choice to continue in assisting the decline or make a conscience decision to change the course of action for greater. So, if we really want to be #WakandaForever, in real life, we must create it through a positive way of thinking & doing NOW! It starts with better eating habits, exercising regularly, speaking life into ANY circumstance and lastly showing the next person to elevate and do the same. The government can’t do it. The media won't do it. Only YOU can. Start with YOU and you’ll soon see the world will turn into what “WE” can do. Just as in the last scene in “Black Panther” after some of the credits, if you stayed that long, it showed King T’Challa in the process of using the knowledge and resources from Wakanda to help and enlighten the world towards advancement. As we also should be. We often ponder on how to change the world and I’ve figured it out. It’s simple. You ready? Here it goes: ONE……PERSON…..AT……A……TIME. The first being YOURSELF! That’s it. Blessings. Say it 3x’s #WakandaNOW 3

- Pulitzer Pap


  • Adam Ephraim

    My great grandfather was a slave owner. What was explain to me when I was in African we sold enemy soldiers that wecapture during war time to buy more advance weapons like guns, so we could defend our land from other tribes. But message that your putting out is good. P.S. I not paying anyone mainly because I don’t have it.

  • Slim

    Very well written and some great points presented! I agree wholeheartedly.

  • Ken 430

    Good read 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

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